About J.Kathleen Thompson

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Ageless adventure. Uncommon stories.

Welcome to my blogsite justgojo.com: Trails from Tilos to Transformative Travel.  My name is Joan and I am a lifelong traveller and incurable enthusiast for life inwell loved and lived.  In other words, for ageless adventure.

I started this blog when the plot of my story suddenly changed and I found myself on unfamiliar ground. But that was a good thing for it is in those shifting, transformative times that one discovers what matters to you. Where your story lies. I have discovered that mine lies in sunlit trails, cobblestoned streets, still mornings, and wild places.  Spiked with a cup of courage.

Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage

– Anais Nin

It takes courage to craft your story. Becoming who we are requires a bit of vigilance and a lot of backbone, or it ends up being someone else’s story. What enchants you? Enthralls, mystifies, turns you inside out? Courage helps you discover those things.  Those things that make up your uncommon story.
So, go live your story.  Explore the art of ageless adventure. Find a trail outside your door, and justgo….

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A resident of Western Canada (mostly), I retired from music teaching to pursue other interests, chief among them travelling and writing. Preferring active travel, boots, bike, motorcycle, truck or local bus, tuktuk or ferry have carried me through six continents, seven mountain ranges and countless time-stopping moments of startling beauty. On my travels I have frequently been stranded in and around the Mediterranean, and now spend a portion of each year on a small island in the Southern Aegean.

My writing has been published in a variety of academic journals, books, as well as magazines and newspapers. I am an associate member of the B.C. Association of Travel Writers.